A new trade format

Combining the best qualities of other formats, taking into account the basic requirements of all participants in the trade process: consumers, producers and the state.

The bulk of shopping on working days falls on the period from 17-20 hours, when most people, after work, tend to buy fresh food for cooking dinner, as well as for breakfast the next day. Logically, this is the most convenient time for this, but at the same time it is rush hour. There are traffic jams on the roads, queues in stores, which adds to the physical and especially moral fatigue. The weather is also not always conducive to grocery shopping trips.

The purchase of goods via the Internet allows you to avoid these inconveniences and save a huge amount of time.

Taking into account the above, the Kazakh company “Food Delivery World” LLP was created with the Food Delivery World platform, which practically eliminates negative facts and contributes to meeting the needs of consumers at the optimal time. And the greatest attention is paid to ensuring that people get the freshest possible food.

The purpose of the platform is to organize a virtual market with free delivery of everyday goods.

You don’t need to be a professional analyst to claim that home use of everyday goods mainly occurs in the evening. Therefore, it will be rational to offer potential consumers the delivery of these goods to the front door of the apartment at any time convenient for them. In order for it to become attractive to the consumer, it is proposed:

Purchase the product presented on the portal at the specified price, without any additional conditions and fees.

Make the delivery cost equal to zero. At the same time, do not limit the minimum order amount, as with all companies providing such a service.

The freshness of most of the products received will be guaranteed by direct delivery from the manufacturer.

Make the delivery cost equal to zero. At the same time, do not limit the minimum order amount, as with all companies providing such a service.

Together with a simple analysis of purchases over the past periods (by opening the purchase history in your personal account), you can help plan your family budget. The buyer, after the first month of participation in the project, will be able to clearly analyze their purchases and plan accordingly for the future, how many of these or other products they need, as well as the frequency of their delivery. This will allow you to provide yourself with fresh food in the necessary quantities and save the family budget.

The consumer will be able to leave reviews about products and services, post comments on their page, and correspond with the seller. In addition, it will be possible to send real gifts to friends and relatives.

For consumers, this format will be convenient, primarily by saving time and money. In adverse weather conditions, it will reduce the risks of injuries and diseases, and when considering certain categories of consumers, such as people with disabilities, elderly people, mothers with young children, the Food Delivery World platform becomes very important in terms of providing real help. Such conditions make delivery attractive and regularly in demand for a huge number of customers, counting on mass production and regularity.

The product will be placed on the portal by the manufacturers themselves or their representatives. For this purpose, it is possible to open an individual page for each seller. On it, the seller can place the product with its description, with an indication of the price and its validity period, the timing of order processing and other data, see requests for the formation of orders and receive feedback from consumers.

For all sellers, all kinds of goods – no fee rental outlets salaries seller will serve to lower the price of goods, which is especially important for the competitiveness of products produced by small businesses and sold them retail. Easy access of the seller on the platform, and the ability of each and every customer to select the products from any vendor, will become a powerful impetus to the development of competition, because of the quality of the goods, the seller will be liable to the consumer directly, without the possibility to cancel the marriage to third parties (wholesalers, warehouses, shops, etc). The seller, seeing pre-orders will be interested in these dates is to provide consumers with the most fresh and quality product, because otherwise the client will go to a competitor “one click”. At the same time, pre-ordering will allow you to produce products without excess, requiring storage or write-off costs.

The use of the proposed format will allow you to exclude the middle links from the chain, the seller-the warehouse-the store counter-the buyer. To remove the excess of the cost of travel and accommodation of the goods previously ordered by the consumer. Send products to the customer directly from the conveyor, the freshest and with a lower cost.

Placing products on a page is no more difficult than posting a photo with comments on social networks. Compliance with sanitary standards, consumer rights and other clear and transparent rules in the production and delivery of products to the distribution point are absolute requirements for suppliers.

Monitoring of products and prices presented on the site will be available in real time.

Financial transactions of all participants of the Food Delivery World platform are as transparent as possible.

The Food Delivery World platform is significant in solving many social problems, especially for people with disabilities, the elderly, and mothers with young children. Also socially significant is the possibility of attracting people with disabilities to work at home as operators. Even in such areas as healthcare, education, and the environment, the project also has a positive effect.

The proposed format encourages the transition from cash payments to electronic payments. The funds, when paid by customers from the personal account, will be immediately credited to the seller’s account, the money will work,

What the buyer gets in the end:

1. Products to your table, without overpayment for delivery, in the right quantity and in the freshest form.

2. Saving time, effort and nerves on shopping trips for food, they are already fixed in his consumer basket.

3. The ability to plan your budget more accurately.

4. Regularly updated assortment.

5. The opportunity to take care of your grandparents, even if you can’t visit them every day.

6. The ability to give your friends real gifts without the cost of delivery.

What the seller gets:

1. Free-access to an online trading platform with a large number of customers.

2. A constant, growing market.

3. Avoiding additional costs for the maintenance and maintenance of retail outlets.

4. Reduction of transport costs.

5. The possibility of more accurate production planning due to advance orders.

For the state:

1 Reporting on the sale of each unit of goods, all suppliers.

2 Control over the sale of only authorized goods.

3 Replenishment of the budget due to the scalability of the project.

4 Help in solving social problems for many citizens.

5 Support for small businesses.

6 Improving the quality control of goods.

Delivery of goods not only makes it comfortable for the consumer to receive goods, but also allows for a significant increase in the productivity of manufacturers and sales volumes.

With the Food Delivery Word platform, there is no longer a need to buy food for two or three bags per week, there is a number of products that the family needs for one meal, and fresh ones will be brought to the next reception.

The Food Delivery World platform contributes to the growth of competition among suppliers of products, but in terms of delivering goods to the end consumer, the company can become almost a monopoly. In this regard, it may be suggested that the company should maintain an open financial policy that is justified in terms of an increasing tariff, simple and understandable for those who ultimately pay for all the extra charges, surcharges, and fraud, and these are consumers — ordinary citizens. On the public page of the site, the maximum possible information will be available: what is the final premium, contact details of manufacturers, and much more.

As a result, the consumer gets the opportunity to choose a new format for purchasing goods, comfortable, profitable, and civilized. The conditions for the sale of products — the final goal of activity for manufacturers-are also improving. Market access is simplified, costs are reduced, and competition is open and fair.

The capabilities of the Food Delivery Word platform are much broader than just banal food delivery. In a certain sense, this is not even a new trade format, it is a new culture of commodity-money relations. Where there is no place for queues, the incorrect attitude of visitors and staff, the caricature image of a woman bent by the daily weight of bags. Shopping is a walk in your spare time to the shops to get acquainted with new products, emotional satisfaction from relaxed communication, and not forced cart rides between the counters and loading heavy bags on a single weekend.

Working on a shift basis, you do not need to worry about what children eat at home, about how to provide old parents with the necessary goods. Shelves of cabinets and refrigerators are not clogged with surpluses that fall into disrepair and are thrown away. The program automatically analyzes the purchase history and helps in planning expenses for the upcoming period, will draw the consumer’s attention to the possible need to order or adjust the delivery schedule of goods. Every citizen, regardless of their physical condition and social status, is a full-fledged market participant. Products are purchased almost directly from sellers, manufacturers or their representatives, with the possibility of feedback on the quality and feedback.

The availability of demand and the availability of the Internet are already an integral part of the life of modern society.

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